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 TerraEx Mechanical is a family-owned business offering Saint John & region customers over 15 years experience in plumbing and heating with a commitment to delivering the highest quality of work.

Our expert crew of Red Seal Journeymen and Apprentice Plumbers are dedicated to stringent quality assurance in delivering top quality plumbing and heating installations. As a full-service plumbing service company we tackle any job from unclogging the bathroom sink to leak detection to large industrial projects. Large or small, TerraEx Mechanical has the right team for every job. Before starting any project, our team will first assess your goals - then we provide you with a reliable estimate and time line for completion.

At TerraEx Mechanical we offer Saint John & area unmatched quality and service for your plumbing, heating and water conditioning needs.

Contact Melissa anytime for free discussion about your next project!  (506) 672-4422 or

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